Anti-inflammatory diet: How is it good for your overall health

12th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare
January 27-28, 2020 Bangkok, Thailand
Inflammation is a necessary part of the healing process. Our body uses inflammation to fight illness and protects us from further harm. However, some medical conditions can cause faulty inflammation response, which are called chronic inflammatory diseases.

The best thing that one can do to reduce and prevent inflammation is to opt for an anti-inflammation diet. The anti-inflammation diet includes eating certain foods and avoiding some.

How an anti-inflammatory diet works

The anti-inflammatory diet increases the amount of antioxidants that reduce the free radicals in the body. Free radicals can damage body cells and increase the risk of certain diseases.

Conditions that can be improved by having an anti-inflammatory diet
Doctors recommend having the anti-inflammatory diet as a complementary treatment for conditions that can be worsened by chronic inflammation. Some of the conditions that can be improved by having an anti-inflammatory diet include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lupus, metabolic syndrome and Hashimoto’s disease.

Foods to eat during the anti-inflammatory diet
Dark leafy vegetables, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, dark red grapes, broccoli, cauliflowers, beans, lentils, green tea, red wine (in moderation), avocado, olives, coconut, extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, turmeric, cinnamon, dark chocolate and cold-water fish including salmon and sardines.

Foods to avoid during the anti-inflammatory diet
Anti-inflammatory diet does not just mean eating more of some specific foods but also avoiding some particular foods.

The list includes processed meats, sugary drinks, fried foods, white bread, white pasta, vegetable oil, soybean oil, gluten. Processed snacks like chips, excess alcohol and too many carbohydrates should be avoided too.

Vegetarian food and inflammation

Studies suggest that people who follow a vegetarian diet have high levels of plasma AA, which is a marker of overall health and is linked with lower levels of inflammation and heart disease.

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Dates: January 27-28, 2020 Bangkok, Thailand 

Three Ways To Improve Healthcare Workflow 

Nothing divides a room like an EHR debate. While electronic health record adoption continues to increase in the U.S., it’s far from being universally welcomed. Sections of the healthcare community see EHRs as more of a hindrance than a help - and a costly one at that - but love them or hate them, given the carrot-and-stick incentives of Meaningful Use and now Promoting Interoperability, EHRs are here to stay. 

​Health systems leaders are challenged to ensure technology investments are integrated to support the best patient experience possible and aid administrative processes and optimize workflows, from improving care coordination to streamlining clinical documentation processing and care team communication 

​Interoperability remains a challenge for seamless exchange of medical documentation inside and outside the provider organization. This leads to the persistence of outdated technologies that can be a major drain on productivity. Pagers, fax machines, paper records; all of the critical functions served by these manual and analog processes could be significantly improved with digital equivalents. 

​AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a hot topic in the healthcare world for many years now, and as the benefits are starting to become more widely recognized, more organizations are beginning to adopt AI in an effort to improve workflow practices. 

​A recent article on AMA points to three ways medical AI can improve workflow for physicians: 

Point-of-care learning: AI can personalize content delivery to physicians as clinical questions arise, in order to minimize time spent searching for relevant information online or in textbooks. 

Clinical documentation: AI has the potential to complete clinical documentation tasks with greater efficiency, such as extracting relevant information from a physician’s free-text narrative and inserting it into appropriate structured data fields. 

Quality-measurement reporting: AI could replace manual data-collection processes by reviewing clinical documents and extracting information for quality reports and to populate missing data fields, saving physicians hours of work every week. 

12th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare

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Interests in the correct well being arrangements can prompt a reasonable future with quantifiable effect, inside an era. On the off chance that youngsters are solid, then they can concentrate on school, in the long run seek after a vocation, and at last work toward a self-reasonable. We trust that the financial well being depends as a matter of first importance on the physical strength of its most noteworthy asset, its kin. Worldwide wellbeing assumes an undeniably critical part in worldwide peace and security. It is currently important to consider well being in a worldwide setting.

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Anti-inflammatory diet: How is it good for your overall health

12th Asia Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare January 27-28, 2020 Bangkok, Thailand Inflammation is a necessary part of the healing proc...